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Tasks Galore Let's Play






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Tasks Galore Let's Play, the fourth book in the popular resource series for parents, teachers, and therapists, utilizes play as the program for learning. There is more and more evidence that direct teaching of play skills can increase young children’s symbolic understanding and, thus, have an impact on their imitation, language, and social skills.

Beautiful color photographs of children at play depict tasks that the authors have implemented successfully to enhance their students’ toy play, flexibility, and social interactions. Printable visual supports that will generalize to multiple learning situations also are included.

Chapters demonstrate how routines, organizational strategies, and visual cues make play more understandable, so students can:

  • share enjoyment
  • use toys appropriately
  • manage play times
  • make and end choices
  • pretend, and
  • play with peers

About the Authors

Laurie Eckenrode, Pat Fennell, and Kathy Hearsey are former teachers of students with special needs. Much of their work has been serving in different capacities for Division TEACCH. Laurie taught in an exemplary structured teaching classroom, which she developed, and which served as a TEACCH training model. She now uses this expertise in her work as a preschool itinerant teacher/consultant. Pat served as a psychoeducational therapist with the Chapel Hill TEACCH Clinic. Kathy continues her work as a TEACCH therapist and was a former director of the TEACCH’s supported employment program. The three authors have extensively trained parents and professionals in structured teaching methodology and have won many awards for their achievements in the field of special education. Together, Laurie, Pat, and Kathy have over 65 years of experience working with exceptional children and adults.

Beth Reynolds has joined Laurie Eckenrode, Pat Fennell, and Kathy Hearsey in the creation of Tasks Galore Let’s Play. Beth currently coordinates play and social group classes at the TEACCH Demonstration Preschool; she teaches an early intervention curriculum to children with autism ages 17 months to 6 years. Beth is also a TEACCH trainer who conducts trainings nationally and internationally throughout the year. Pat, Laurie, and Kathy are thrilled that Beth is adding her expertise to this fourth Tasks Galore publication.



One of the most daunting challenges for parents and educators of younger children is the child with autism’s lack of ability to initiate and sustain interactive play. In this beautifully crafted book, parents and professionals are guided, step by step, to learn strategies to help their children/students engage in a manner that is enjoyable to the student, further encouraging the joys of interaction. I recommend Tasks Galore Let’s Play to anyone who is seeking ways to facilitate shared enjoyments with young persons with autism. Once students learn to relate they better learn to communicate. It’s important!

Michelle Garcia Winner
Founder of Social Thinking®

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